Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hey It's Me Again

Ok so I can't remember what I said last time cause it feels like the days are all the same and as if I have lived here for ever. I am still loving it and it only gets better. I have been sick the last couple of days and it sucks cause I missed a few hours of class one time. Its hard to focus when you are sick and super tired but its all good. Since I'm sick I havent had such a large appetite but I am staring to feel better so Cafeteria here I come. haha oh and I know what everyone else whos been here means with watch out for the juice cause thats all I drink besides the water fountain water through out the day. It feels really good to get mail but Its harder to write back than I thought. P-dAY is not very long. There is an elder in my district Elder Jones he is very lean and very smart. Its so funny to talk to him cause he has a lot of knowledge to share. All the other elders and sisters are really cool too we all get a long for the most part ;) haha I received a bunch of letters from seminary. We had Elder M Russell Ballard come give a devotional it was really cool and once again I felt the spirit very strongly. I love those kind of experiances. I can conntect in Dutch now and hold a small conversation and ask a lot of questions. I still love it here but sometimes when I wake up in the morning the next thing I want to do is go back to bed. Right now Elder Jones is massaging my shoulders and man it feels good. We have two really cool sisters in our district its really a blessing to have them. I am sorry if my emails start getting shorter thats just cause I am starting to get used to it.Its funny to see new missionaries arrive. Oh I run into Elder Crone some times but we never have time to talk. I run into my cousin Miriam I mean sister schenk all the time and we talk a little. There are some cool people here. My Branch President is really cool and I have learned a lot from him. He is also a chiropractor. So I might ask him to give me an ajustment. I am always quoting movies, youtube, and other things oh yeah songs too but so is everyone else. We sing songs and we imperonate others its funny. Elder Davies and I switched nametags and I took his glasses and he acted like me and I acted like him and then Our branch presidency came in and they walked up to me and started calling me Elder Davies and I was like oops so we started laughing and it was really funny cause the presidency is really cool and they laughed too. So I gotta go to the temple which reminds me its so cool to see a bunch of young men and women go to the temple. Well Hi to everyone and happy birthday to Uncle Allen all I know is its hie birthday sometime this month. I love you all. Mike I will write you as soon as I get the chance. Ok gottogo.
Ps thanks for the box and all the letters and whatever else.

Elder Ellis

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