Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hello Everybody

Well first to start off I will take my missionary pic today and send it. I don't have my scripture yet but I will have it by next week. I just want to say thanks for all the letters and box that I have received and of course cassies boxes. Yesterday I was in the cafeteria and I thought I saw Jonny Pickett so I walked up to him and it was Elder Pickett. Jonnys brother it was really awekward cause I asked him if he had a younger brother and if he lived in california and he was like yeaaahh why? Than I explained the situation. yeah. I am doing pretty good with the language except on monday I did horrible I don't know what happend when I started our language task but at least toward the end I redeemed myself. Elder Davies got his tonge stuck to a popsicle for like 2 minutes and I poured applejuice on his tonge but it was still stuck, it must have been the funniest thing ever. Last night we had Elder Pearson a member of the quorum of the seventys speak and it was pretty dang exciting. His talk was (I don't want to say it) but the best one so far. Well in its own way. He just gave us so much valiuable information. I will improve to become a deciple of Christ. He was awesome. I am getting my hair cut today and its gonna be awesome. We missionaries laugh about the dumbest things. I am truely a missionary now. Oh yeah I see Elder Lawter all the time now its pretty cool to see him. This morning my shower was freezing cold. I want to share cool experiances but I have'nt taught any real lessons yet and any real people so for while I am in the MTC you'll just get e-mails talking about things like the stuff I am writing. I heard Ali finally got a calling. Woohoo thats awesome. And brandon I am pleased to hear that you are doing better. I really love and care about you and I want you to have an awesome mission experiance like I will have, so prepare yourself now because there are so many things I wish I had known befroe coming here. Also they have endless Orange Guava Juice and Apple Juice and any other juice imaginable it is soo awesome. So you'll love the MTC if you come to the Provo one. My cousin Miriam left already to go to Frankfurt so I said bye to her. Ohhhhh Mike I can't wait to see you and to make fun of you for being new. jk. You'll love the MTC. Just work hard and don't let satan tempt you. You have been called of God our Loving Heavenly Father to serve the people in Philly, the Lord has prepared them to hear the gosple from you specifically. They need you and so does your family and future family. They all count on you. Plus I know that you can do it with the help of the Lord. Oh man I have only been here for 4 weeks and I sometimes feel really trunky. We watched the Testiments the other night and you know its like a romance so all the missionarys like wistle and scream through all the romantic parts. and it doesnot matter how cheesy they are. My English spelling is getting worse. I was'nt trying to sound like I don't have enough I just wanted to make it clear that I did not know what I was talking about. I now love getting letters, packeges. oH WELL my time is almost up thanks for everything I love you all I am doing great. Thank you Samantha for the card and the letter. can you send me Samanthas E-mail and send this to her. Sorry time is up I have like a minute to send it before it kicks me off. BYE Dear Elder me as much as you can I have to brake the sisters record for receiving 9 dear elders in one day. Thanks bye 

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