Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hey Everybody

So this week was awesome again like always but it is getting kinda long here like I just wanna get to the Netherelands. We heard from Elder David A. Bednar last night and it was insanely amazing I learn so much from all the apostales here at the MTC that is the third Apostale in a row for me. We also heard from some lady who is like the executive boss of deseret book that was really good too. I wish I could write faster cause they have so much stuff to say and its impossible to write it all down. The food is getting old and boring cause its really starting to repeat itself. I love it here still. Some of the Elders are so cool and funny that we have a blsat all the time. I talk to Elders from Germany all the time and its cool but my teacher says not to talk german too much or else I'll have a hard time learning dutch but since german is my first language I do it anyway its like telling us not to talk english to anyone cause we won't be able to learn dutch. Whatever. Thanks Brandon, Melanie, and Christian fro writing me. Brandon I heard from Christian that he thinks your cooler and in the letter you wrote me it looks like your doing really good in being a better person. Thats awesome. When I have more time I will write you an actual letter. Christian I am so proud of you to get up infront of a bunch of people to give a talk on priesthood. I am so excited for you to receive the aaronic priesthood. I love getting letters. Oh and there is not that much more to tell cause now life here is normal. The temple is fun to go to. Oh I talked to Elder Crone and said goodbye cause he already left yesterday.

Anyways there is not that much more to say except that I miss everyone.
I am excited for Dylan to come when is he coming?
and Mike.
Hey Mike thanks for writing me well sorta I want you to hang in there and start preparing yourself for your mission cause I've already been here fro 3 weeks and I do not feel ready and thats all the time youy get in the MTC So I just want you to know that.

You can say hey to anybody
Maybe you could also send this to my mom. Well like what ever is not like specifically to someoine cause I write her but it takes for ever to get there.
Right now I am tired. I'm keeping my self in shape so don't worry. It snows sometimes alittle like right now. The temple is so beautiful when we go there for the sunday temple walks. So the other day at the tTRC I had to pick someone up to take them to a bus aand than talk to them on the way to church (scenario) and I was speaking Dutch pretty good like I kept on taliking and explaining things like what we do at church and  we have bnot even learned that yet. hahah oh man time is running out. Its kinda cold outside. I went trhough like 5 bags of cough drops and I still have a cough. Thanks for the Box and everything I got its like the best thing whenever you get somethimng. Well we need to go to the temple now and sorry if things are missspelled its jusrt that I have no to read over it. I hope it all makes sense.

Bye Love you all!
Elder Ellis

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