Monday, 12 March 2012

Hey Ya'll

It has been such a good week. Just so you know we had a Zone P-day today so I don´t have much time.
Well we are seeing so much success as we are obedient to the new way of doing missionary work.
I was on 2 x-changes this past week so we drove a lot. Especially me because I stayed in Rotterdam both times.
It was really cool and so much fun.
So I just want to share a miracle. On Thursday we had a journalist from a well known news paper follow us around to see what we do and write an article about the Mormons. Well the entire day went so good. We had to travel with the Metro which is an underground train system. We talked to people everywhere. He asked if we talk to people on trains or busses if we travel and we told him that we do but we are not allowed to contact people unless we start some casual conversation or if they contact us. Well after we said that I just looked around and a guy a few seats over asked me what it said on my name tag so I started a conversation and was able to tell about the church. The Lord just put the guy there for us. It was so amazing. The guy also asked if we ever come across people who used to meet with us but stopped and I ended up talking to some guy at a tram station who used to talk to the missionaries like 7 years ago. The lord put people like that on our path all day. I sure hope that the guy will write a good story.
Well I love you all and I gotta go.
       Elder Ellis

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