Monday, 19 March 2012

Amazing Week

Hi Everybody
Man I am doing so good and am so happy, the sun is shining and spring is on its way. We had a fantastic week.
First I want to share something cool and funny, so I decided last week that I needed to work on loving people more and so I prayed that I would have the opportunity to love more. Well the next day my companion and I were getting along but I was very easily frustrated and a lot of things just seemed to bother me. Well I just want to say that it was not my companions fault. I later realized what I prayed for and learned that loving someone is not just something we do when everything is fine and dandy but we need to love people even if they bother us or things are not going our way. Just like being happy, if everything is great and perfect its easy to be happy when in all reality things don´t always go our way. It is an art to learn to be happy in any circumstance. That is one of the things that I learned this week.
Now I want to apply this more specifically to the gospel. For example like keeping certain commandments, I have taught the law of Fasting to some investigators who reply : "oh I can do that I mean there are days when I hardly eat anything anyways" that is no sacrifice. If we keep commandments just because they are easy to keep then we miss the point and the DOCTRINE behind it. In a time when its hard to keep commandments and we keep them anyways we are so much more blessed.
       Enough of my preaching. Here is a miracle. We were driving in our car one day when we felt the need to turn right on a certain street actually furthering us from our desired destination. When we got there we stood confused not knowing why we were there. We made the best of it, listened to the spirit and talked to people who crossed our path. One guy was from eastern Europe and was on his way to school or something but referred us to his apartment building where other students lived, the intention was to talk to one of his friends and hope that he would be interested. We knocked the door and a German guy opens the door and we contact him, he was in a hurry so we did not have much time to talk( a quick side note, when I found out that he was from Germany I was like hey I am from Austria which is really weird to say because we are from different countries and if I were in Germany and I heard someone speak German I would´nt be like hey I am from Austria, I am not sure if you all get what I mean,....anyways.) So we wrote down his info and left. A couple days later we decided to look this guy up the inspired area. On the way to his building a lady passed us with a 20ish old guy and a 5ish year old kid. We talked to them and asked if we could share a message with their family, we walked to their home and there were 7 people in total, 3 generations, friends and a neighbor girl. We set 5 baptism dates and the mom of the family used to go to church and was looking for the church where she lives now. Its a huge miracle. I love you all and miss you.
Love Elder Ellis

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