Monday, 16 January 2012

The Week....?

Well Hello Everybody.
I am doing great and had a very good week. We seriously taught so many lessons and are just finding people left and right. This is the Lords work because he is guiding us to the right people. I am so glad that I am here on a mission and helping people receive the gospel. I never realized how strong of an impact I can have on someone just for opening my mouth to strangers all day inviting people to listen to the message we share. Even a small little act of service can make someone smile and laugh or really help someone in need. I learned to always stand ready to help people.
I don't have much time but this last week we had some really good appointments where we could feel the spirit.
Elder Li and I are getting along very well and are having a lot of fun together. We are a powerhouse like another missionary has said.
Today for P/day we went to Amsterdam and that was so cool. We had the best Burger I have ever had. It was so Delicious. We then went to the Anne Frank house and saw her hiding place. It so sad to see what happened in world war 2. I am so glad that I speak Dutch cause now I can read the her Diary in the original language. I am excited to read the book after my mission. Well in Amsterdam you have to be very careful where you look. It can be pretty bad on certain streets. There are coffee shops everywhere and you smell marijuana no matter where you are. It was fun though.
I love you all and miss you. Sorry for not writing, but no joke we are so busy with missionary work.
Love Elder Ellis
P.S. Beterschap an the Crooks (I don´t remember how to say that word in English)

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